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I must confess that prior to tasting the wines, I wondered whether “Terroir Al Limit” would live up to its name. Terroir taken to the limit? I prefer wines taken to optimums rather than limits. My worries were unfounded. I reveled in these stunning Priorats sculpted by the talented hand of South African superstar Eben Sadie. These are wines that offer intensity of flavor instead of overwhelming power, and elegance and personality on a world-class level. I absconded with a couple of bottles, putting them to the test over a dinner, and they duly mellowed and expanded with aeration, melting into sublime, almost nubile wines that effortlessly seduced the senses. In other words: I like them. by Neal Martin, Wine Advocate Issue #200 Apr 2012


接替Jay Miller開始負責RP’s Wine Advocate西班牙酒評的Neal Martin,在最新出爐的”Under My Skin:Priorat 2009 & 2010”報告中,給予Terroir al Limit酒莊超高的評價,除了Les Manyes 200996分與西班牙最貴名酒之一Alvaro Palacios L'Ermita並駕齊驅同居所有酒款第二高分之外,Terroir Al Limit Arbossar 2009也不遑多讓獲得95分。以下為本次所有評分結果:


Terroir al Limit Les Manyes 200996

Terroir al Limit Arbossar 200995

Terroir al Limit Dits del Terra 200994

Terroir al Limit Vi de Vila 200992


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